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California Platforms

California Platforms

Too many cars, too much traffic, insufficient space and only one track on which to move it all. That’s a common problem in the tunneling business where space is at a premium and where workers and equipment keep a busy pace. EVEREST has provided the solution for many years with its California Platforms.

California Platforms ingeniously add another track to allow passing of rolling equipment and handle mucking or concreting traffic.

Linked together as one unit, the sections of the EVEREST California Platforms are mobile. Resting on the concreted side of the tunnel, the platforms can be moved to the point of greatest traffic or against excavation. When it’s time to roll on with the work, airbags raise the entire platform as one unit enabling it to be towed to its new position.

Solid steel members along either side of the platform support the heavy loads. Alignment pins on the end of each section keep the track aligned. The platform is equipped with a switch and ramp at each end.

Each California Platform is custom built to your requirements, your tunnel and your satisfaction.