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Vehicular Tunnels

Vehicular Tunnels

Rising gasoline prices, increasing population and the growth of commercial centers surrounded by satellite communities are all factors behind mounting expenditures for rapid transit development.

Whether a daily automobile commuter or weekend traveler, highway tunnels blast shortcuts through solid mountains of rock. Simply put, tunnels save fuel, time and human energy.

For decades EVEREST has aided contractors in solving the complex problems of concreting subway, highway and railroad tunnels in a wide variety of locations and working conditions. The equipment supplied has been as varied as the application.

This area of tunnel concreting can involve rather massive formwork and unusual tunnel shapes and diameters. These massive jobs call for both design flexibility and equipment versatility. EVEREST has proven itself countless times in this area by supplying massive yet manageable forms, such as the EVEREST form used in Quebec, Canada on the Laval AMT Subway tunnel.

Before a single subway track is laid, EVEREST carriers are already engaging in their form of "rapid transit". EVEREST tunnel forms can be pretty heavy passengers but our carriers easily support and move the load. Our carriers are made strong, not bulky. We can supply fully powered formwork with custom designed control systems for maximum maneuverability and productivity.