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Water / Sewage Tunnels

Water / Sewage Tunnels

Mushrooming urban growth has greatly increased the demand for all types of public services. Massive population shifts have triggered accelerated urban expansion in the most economically viable regions of the country. As people pour into bustling cities and sprawling communities, the demand for water and sewage facilities grows significantly. Like the expanding root system of a tree, the modern city must expand its water/sewage tunnel system.

EVEREST Equipment Co. is helping contractors meet this tremendous demand for water and sewage facilities. EVEREST provides contractors with a well-designed line of tunnel forms for efficient tunnel construction. EVEREST forms are simple and versatile. The smooth telescoping action ensures that the concreting work flows as easily as the water that will occupy the tunnels once the work is completed.

Water and sewage tunnels can often taper to very small diameters. Working conditions are often cramped, and space is a premium. EVEREST has a full line of forming and placing equipment that is compact enough to work under tight conditions. Even at smaller diameters, EVEREST form carrier systems swiftly move collapsed form sections through the tunnel. If the job requires continuous pouring, needle beam carriers from EVEREST quickly shuttle the formwork forward until the job is complete.

EVEREST formwork is designed for use on specific jobs, but with proper maintenance durable EVEREST forms can often be adapted for use on future projects.